School Districts Sued for Lacking Language Services

Translation services are indispensable for multiracial schools, especially for pupils and parents who cannot converse well in English. Language barriers inconvenience pupils from achieving their best results in their academic endeavors and also prevent parents from participating in their children’s studies. That being said, schools have the responsibility to employ professional translation services to fill the gap in providing quality and fast translations.

Some schools have been involved in lawsuits after parents complained about their failure in providing adequate translation services. This could have been avoided by extra consideration for those families and in some states abiding by the legal requirements that schools should accommodate parents and pupils whose English is not their primary language.

What many don’t know is that it’s relatively easy to address the needs of these students and their families.  Many schools are already doing it and they have found that it only takes some extra planning to allow the time for the translation to be made or for an interpreter to be included in the meetings.  Compared to the value it offers the family and how much it helps the student, it’s one of the easiest ways to accommodate them…..and avoid a lawsuit.

Finding the Best Translation Services

International Translating Company (ITC), having been established in 1969, is an experienced and internationally renowned provider of impeccable translation services across the world. The Company has a full complement of professional translators in a wide variety of native languages. They have been vetted and certified to meet the client’s needs. Importantly, there is continuous improvement and re-certification of the translators to ensure that they stay abreast with professional standards of translating for clients.

The core translation services offered by the ITC include translation, over-the-phone interpretation, on-site interpretation, voice-over interpretation, subtitling, and transcription. All these services are assigned professional translators to ensure accuracy and top-notch quality for all clients.

There are many instances where more than two languages might be used at school or at home. International Translating Company will accommodate any number of language combinations. This usually only adds a couple of days to the process and removes any possible language barrier.

Benefits of Translation Services for Schools:

  • Helps in parents’ engagement in their children’s education

  • Enhance the academic achievement of learners by removing the language barrier

  • Helps learners and parents to grasp English faster to reach the near-native level

  • Avoids penalties by the state law as it is a requirement for schools to ensure adequate translation services for individuals where English is not the first language

  • Help the school in attaining their academic achievement because the language barrier can lead to poor academic outcomes

How does ITC Ensures Quality Services?

Firstly, ITC translation services are available throughout the week with a quick response time. The company ensures quality services by providing only certified linguists to aid in translation services at schools. These linguists are well-versed in the dynamics and challenges embedded in learning new languages. The company invests substantially in improving the skills of these professionals. There are set standards met, and quality is constantly measured to ensure optimal client satisfaction.

ITC is committed to offering the services at a moment’s notice, ensuring you will never have to wait until the next day. With over 24000 certified and qualified translators around the world, ITC has the capacity to serve clients with unique translations in any line of work or subject.

ITC offers its services as an unparalleled provider for your translation needs. Streamlined processes paired with professional native translators ensure only the highest quality of work for any project.

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