Qualities and Skills Required to Succeed as a Translator

In today’s modern age of machine translation and automated translators, it has become increasingly important to stress the rigors undergone by the men and women who actively translate vital information. Becoming a translator requires far more than just being fluent in more than one language. It requires being able to interpret and transcribe what is in front of them, to its target audience, while taking into consideration not only the language elements but its cultural and social factors that make it understandable and relevant. Unwavering attention to the terminology and nuances specific to any language is what makes your project sound authentic. That is why here at International Translating company, we only hire top tier translators, who are trained, certified and of course, are native speakers in their languages.

Each language has its own distinctive origins and formation. Including unique uses of idioms, phrases, compound words, even mimicking expressions, languages create a rich and unique history. Unfortunately, this can create a barrier when we are communicating. For instance, a funny story or joke in one specific language may lose all its relevance when translated into another language, so if you’re planning to translate a joke in a foreign language, your listener may not grasp your sense of humor. An expert linguist will communicate the joke or story in a way that the listening individual will understand and relate to. This may even include providing background and context information, ensuring the intended reaction.

The endless variety of dialects is another element that complicates language comprehension. Because every language evolves and changes over time, the need for professionals with relevant and current experience is a must. Dialects are language forms that are spoken in specific areas or cultural groups. While the root language might sound similar, the cultural groups that use dialects communicate in a distinct and separate manner, with phrases that have unique uses and sounds that are pronounced differently. Our use of skilled native linguists match context, tone, and style of the source language text to ensure your brand image will always be maintained, no matter the dialect.

From the Neolimeño language, spoken by the indigenous people of Peru, to the hundreds of dialects spoken in India; International Translating Company is here to communicate your message in any language. Our unique translation process and heavily vetted linguists not only provide the highest quality, but the most relevant and customized experience to your audience. With over 50 years in the industry, ITC has helped increasingly many household brands communicate their message with one of the highest standards available. Whether you’re looking to translate your driver’s license or the whole Harry Potter series, the linguists at International Translating Company have your back in providing the highest quality possible.

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