Translation services are essential for immigrant and multicultural families. In the U.S. 44.7 million immigrants made up 14.7% of the national population in 2018, including 21.9 million women, 20.3 million men, and 2.5 million children, according to the American Migrant Council.

African child girl drawing with pencils having fun with dadIn the U.S., the most commonly translated documents are birth certificates, marriage certificates, and death certificates. However, there is a far greater need for translation services outside of these documents required for citizenship.

Translation services for academic purposes are one of the most common in the U.S. when families enroll in a new school, want to study abroad, or need access to new educational resources.

As schools have switched to online learning platforms due to the COVID-19 pandemic, translation services have continually become even more limited, according to the New York Daily News. In a study by the Global Strategy Group, only 33% of parents with children in the public school system in New York City reported they received assistance to help prepare for online learning. There was even a lawsuit to hold the school district accountable for the lack of language services.

The lack of translation services primarily impacts LEP parents or parents in which English is not their first language. Without translation, many are unable to provide sufficient education for their children. We believe all parents should have the legal right to access schooling information in their native language or have access to translation services. The lack of these steps could impact the learning progression of many students not only in New York City but in diverse districts nationwide.

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