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The Essentials of Client Success in Global Business

Expanding your business overseas is easier than ever. But working with an international client comes with some special considerations, specifically language and time barriers. Due to the communication challenges created by different languages, it’s easy for international clients to worry about receiving a lower level of care. Here are some tips to prepare you for your first international client and how to keep them pleased.

Be responsive and attentive

Your client does not want to feel like they are out of the loop, and the international barriers make it more likely that they will. You can eliminate these fears by giving your client regular updates and quickly responding to their questions and concerns.

Research and understand cultural differences

It’s important to understand how your client’s work and personal culture may differ from your own. For example, many cultures take longer midday breaks or start their days later in the morning. While you don’t want to make any assumptions, it’s a good idea to be well versed in your client’s culture to be prepared.

Hire adept translators for documents and meetings

It’s a good idea to start learning the language of your client. You don’t need to become fluent, but it shows dedication and thoughtfulness if you work on your personal communication. When conducting official meetings or sharing documents, it’s critical to hire an expert translator. It’s important that your translator not only provides a translation but gathers the idea of what you’re saying and conveys all nuances.

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