Companies post videos for many reasons. Some businesses use videos to promote their products on social media and video streaming platforms. Others use videos for internal training purposes, company updates, or employee onboarding. No matter what you use them for, videos are here to stay. Unfortunately, they can also present some unique challenges.

Some of those challenges include consuming content on mobile phones and tablets and reaching an audience that doesn’t speak your language. A simple solution to both of these issues is for companies to subtitle everything. Let’s take a look at a few reasons why:

Online translator and language e-learning conceptsExpand your international audience

If someone can’t understand the critical content of a video they won’t bother to watch it. Even if they did, it would be a waste of time. Subtitles allow users from different countries to engage with the content of your videos. If subtitles exist in one language it’s easy for professional translators to prepare them in countless others.

Increase convenience for a mobile audience

It’s no surprise that a major way for consumers to watch videos is on their smartphones. Often, these users are in crowded areas and more likely to turn their audio off. If these users come across a video with no subtitles, they will move on in an instant without a second thought. Subtitles are much more likely to gain the attention of mobile users.

Another benefit of subtitles is resilience to connectivity issues. Mobile phones often lose service or have poor reception, but with subtitles, a viewer can still understand what’s happening.

Courteousness for the hearing impaired

People with hearing impairments may find it very difficult to understand the spoken content of a video. These issues are worse when there is background noise in their environment or extra noise in the video. Even if extraneous noise doesn’t exist, poor audio quality has the potential to make the video difficult to understand. It’s the courteous thing to do to include subtitles in videos for those with impaired hearing.

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