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The Basics of Business Product Localization

You could have the best product in the world, but without the right localization strategy, it won’t appeal to anyone outside of your home country.

Customers’ needs and wants widely vary from country to country. Determining factors include income, pop culture, and outside influence. Plus, some customers take pride in supporting local businesses instead of corporations with less personalized messaging, making it essential to evolve with the times.

Here’s how to localize your product for any audience, no matter where they’re located.

1) Address legal requirements

The guidelines a product must follow to enter the market vary depending on what sector of the world you’re in. For example, if you’re selling new software to local customers, your platform must be in the local language or else it cannot be listed. You’ll also need to check in with the country’s tax requirements, return policies, and customer service requirements.

2) Conduct market research

No business thrives without knowing its customers first. We suggest conducting thorough market research in the form of digital surveys and interviews before releasing your product to the masses. Although your product is already successful in the states, it may need some updates and changes before its international release.

If you’ve already released your product in a foreign country, be sure to follow up with past purchasers to receive feedback about what they liked and what needs to be improved. Without the right improvements, your customers won’t purchase the product again.

3) Update your content

If you’re looking to draw in new customers, you’ll need to update the content on your website and social media platforms. Try making a content calendar to schedule all updates to help you keep track of all changes. Before updating any content, be sure to conduct research in the area you are trying to appeal to so you can write about local issues, pop culture, and politics.

4) Hire a professional translating company

None of this work is possible without hiring a professional translating company. If you’re selling a product internationally, you need a translating team on call to help you communicate with your customers and employees.

If you’re looking for a professional translating service, consider International Translating Company. Not only do we create happy customers, but we also offer translating services in more than 230 languages. We can help you translate anything from employee documents to entire business websites and policies. Visit our website to request a free quote today!

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