Providing effective translation services in the workplace is essential, especially if you’ve recently expanded your business overseas. During team meetings, all employees must be kept in the loop and understand how to complete their job, regardless of their age, race, gender, or native language.

10092847 - charismatic businesswoman using headset at her deskPlus, some states like California require employee handbooks and other important documents to be translated to avoid fines. Before reaching out and getting quotes from various translating companies, consider International Translating Company. We offer translating services in more than 230 languages and have experienced linguists who are available 24/7.

If you have an international team, make sure to follow these translation tips:

1) Translate all important documents

If you’re working with an international workforce or have an office that’s based overseas, we recommend translating all of the important human resources and finance documents first. You must hire a professional translator with an ATA certification to have this done properly. We recommend bringing your translator to the job site for the interpretation process.

2) Consider video or over-the-phone interpretation

Once the initial employee training and documentation are complete, you still need a translator on hand to help out with meetings and other work events.

With video or over-the-phone interpretation, you can scale services up or down as needed instead of paying for a full-time employee. Through both of these services, you’ll receive affordable rates, quick connection times, and 24/7 service.

However, if your employees are still having trouble catching on, you can invest in subtitling and record yourself presenting information for meetings ahead of time. Subtitling is a great way to get a lot of information across in a small amount of time.

3) Focus on localization

Finally, you’ll want to focus on localizing your message to your new target audience. The message you’d like to give to your American workforce is not the same as what you’ll want to portray to an Asian workforce.

What could come across as a common joke in American culture could be offensive in other places. Remember your inflection and tone of voice matter when it comes to the message you want to portray. When in doubt, always hire a professional translator to play it safe. Translators are certified linguists who are trained to identify these situations and make sure everyone feels safe in the translating process.

We hope you found this article useful. With the right translation services, your workforce will thrive and feel united, despite not working in the same country. To learn more about our translating services, please visit our website.