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Language Expertise at Its Best: The Power of Human Translators

Although machine translation is becoming more efficient and advanced by the day, it will never replace human translation. Only human translators can pick up on tone, nuances, and cultural differences in language.

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Machine translation has gotten much better in recent years, but software often makes mistakes that must be fixed by human translators. Even though computers are amazing tools, they lack the self-awareness and insight of a human being.

At International Translating Company, our translators are expert wordsmiths, linguists, and highly respected professionals. Let’s take a closer look at the benefits of human vs machine translation:

1) Human translators make localization easy

Localizing a product or service takes a large amount of time, skill, and market research. Instead of using a computer to tell you what to do, invest in a professional translator who knows the language of the market you’re trying to enter. If you go in with a plan, you can better relate to your target audience and tell a story about why your product matters.

2) Human translators are aware of cultural sensitivities

Every culture has its own unique set of sensitivities, and it’s your job to understand them. Even though you might not be able to relate, it’s important to be respectful. For example, there are established cultural sensitivities about race and civil rights topics in America while people in France dislike personal questions about age, income, and family. A computer can’t weed out these cultural sensitivities, so it’s your job as a business owner to do your research and catch them before it’s too late.

3) Human translators understand the importance of context

Many languages have words with dual meanings. These words must be heard in the context of a conversation to properly translate them. For example, the word “fall” in English has multiple meanings. It can be a season when referring to crisp fall weather, or it could mean to trip and hit the ground (he experienced a slip and fall accident at the gym). When in doubt, always rely on a human translator to determine context, especially when drafting important business documents.

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