Understanding Product Localization on Sales and Growth

Localizing a product is the process of modifying a product to better fit the specific needs and desires of a target audience. This includes changing the way a product is marketed and used.

Some considerations to take in when localizing a product are the culture, language and religion of the target audience. Even within a country, a product can have different localization strategies based on the characteristics of the target region.

Some obscure considerations that localization strategies need to consider are date formats, measurement systems and regional laws. For example, if you list the dimensions of your product on labeling, you should consider which measurement units make the most sense for your audience. Another example is including a required warning attached to the product by local laws.

The goal of product localization is to engage a customer from your target audience and provide your product in an extremely digestible way to them. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of product localization.

Brand Recognition

A goal of many businesses is to stand out from the pack of competitors. Product localization will help your business stand out. If your product is specifically tailored to engage an audience, they are much more likely to remember your specialized product compared to a globalized product.

Customer Engagement and Experience

Customers are much more likely to engage with a product if it’s more convenient than competing products. For example, a survey from Common Sense Advisory found that 72.1% of people almost exclusively spend their internet time on websites in their native language. Customers are also much less likely to become frustrated and leave a bad review with products that are tailored to them.

Increase in Sales

There are two reasons why an increase in sales will happen. For one, you are reaching a market that you have not before. If thousands to millions of people find your product localized to them, you are bound to have increased sales. Second, even within areas where your product was already available, the quality of your product has increased for specific populations.

Public Relations

Globalized products can come across as disingenuous and in some cases even disrespectful. This is why it is important to research the cultures, languages, and religions of a region you plan on releasing your product in. You want good publicity to go along with your product.

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