Documents That Benefit From Legal Translation

8 Legal Documents Needing Translation


At some point in life, you may need to hire a lawyer for your business. They know how to navigate that very complicated ocean of legal jargon and phrases that most people don’t understand.

In addition to hiring a lawyer; hiring a translator for legal documents might be necessary when doing business in another country. Accurate translation can make or break a business deal. A single word or even the placement of a comma can change the meaning of a document. Here are eight legal documents that benefit from professional translation.

1. Contracts

When doing business with a company in another country; hiring a legal translator for business contracts is one of the first things you should do. Without accurate translation, you risk the chance of having a conflict, disagreement, misunderstanding, or even financial loss.

2. Patents

Dealing with patents is a hurdle itself, that’s why hiring a service to translate the extensive documentation is so important. Find an agency with a specialized translator who understands the importance of patent documentation and knows the risks.

3. Immigration Documents

Moving to another country is a daunting task, even more so if you aren’t fluent in the language. For this situation, it’s crucial to hire a translating agency or a lawyer that specializes in immigration document translation. By having immigration documents translated, you will have a much better understanding of your rights. You will be adequately informed of all the activity of the immigration process.

4. Litigation Support

Hiring a lawyer to obtain access to case results in another language is key to successful litigation. Translators can provide you with a legal summarization of litigation that has been recorded in a foreign language. They will give you a clear idea of what happened or is happening in that specific case.

5. Corporate Documents

Corporate documents should definitely be translated when working with businesses in another language. After all, it saves time in the end, it prevents misunderstandings between parties. Furthermore, it ends up saving you money and puts everyone on the same page during negotiations.

6. Financial Records

When translating financial records, the objective is maintaining the facts, figures and the meaning behind the numbers.

There is no margin for error with financial translations. An error could cause you or your client to lose a significant amount of money or be in legal trouble. Hiring a professional agency to do financial document translations will assure you that the document is translated accurately.

7. Legislation

Working on cases in a foreign country and understanding their laws is no easy task. Having a legal translator to help you is important. With a translator by your side; you will have a clear understanding of what is lawful or illegal in that country.

8. Regulations

Regulations in a country or industry are there to provide a person with a clear idea of what is and isn’t allowed. When doing business or owning property in a foreign country; it is vital to translate regulations so that you don’t break any rules. If you have regulations that someone who speaks a different language needs to understand; translating those regulations for them will ensure they know the rules.

When the need arises for translation of any of the eight legal documents above; it’s beneficial to contact a professional translating agency for assistance.

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