Translating Success: How Language Plays a Vital Role in B2B Marketing

Translation is a very important tool when doing business with people in other parts of the world who speak a different language. It’s also important for businesses connecting globally with each other over the internet (B2B).

Over the years, people have used translation as a tool in closing big business deals, but the actual importance of translation is rarely mentioned. Without translation, negotiations on the deal may have never even started.

Benefits of Translation in B2B Marketing

From an international marketing standpoint, translation is a highly profitable tool. Without it, marketing to new clients and communicating with existing clients would be difficult or non-existent. Below are some of the benefits of utilizing translation in global B2B marketing.


Influencing The Decision Makers

Influencing your client at the moment of purchase is no easy feat. You need to keep your client engaged and make the sale as easy as possible for them. One wrong action or word could cause the sale to fall through.

According to a language service industry survey, 75% of non-native English speakers prefer to buy products sold in their own native language. This percent highlights the importance of translation services across B2B, but also localization services. Adapting your products and services into the local language helps facilitate sales.

Staying Ahead of Your Competition

Staying ahead of your competition is where the importance of localization comes into play. One study of 400 businesses in countries where English is not the national language; found that although the employees speak and understand English; they still prefer to conduct business in their own native language.

That’s something to think about if you’re planning to export your business into another country. You have a higher likelihood of success if you translate all of your marketing materials and communications into that country’s language.

The localization of your business plays a key role in staying one step ahead of your competition. While you may think that localization and translation are the same thing, they are not; understanding the difference is an integral part in a global B2B campaign.

Maximizing Customer Service

Although the buyer may purchase from a website that’s only in English, most buyers prefer that the post-sale and customer service be done in their native language. If you have an online chat or a FAQ page, it’s important that the help you’re providing your customer be in their native language. Client satisfaction will be higher; because they will feel more comfortable when speaking to a representative or when looking for the answers on their own.

These are just some of the benefits that B2B marketing translation has to offer. Addressing your client in their own language is a way to earn points towards closing the deal and maintaining client satisfaction.

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