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4 tips for presenting to an international audience

Glossophobia, also known as the fear of public speaking, is one of the most common phobias out there. It’s difficult to put yourself out in front of people and speak on a topic. You have no idea if the people in the crowd will engage with your content, if you are going to socially embarrass yourself or if you will face ridicule. With practice, exposure and learning from their audience, people may learn to overcome glossophobia. Unfortunately, presenting to an international audience may increase the fear one feels when presenting. Let’s take a look at some tips for preparing to present to an international audience.

Study the Culture

Cultures vary wildly within and across international boundaries. It’s important to know the culture of the area you are going to. This helps avoid things such as insulting people with a mundane statement. Understanding the culture will also help you read the audience better. Some areas may be more expressive or have certain facial expressions that will tell how the audience is feeling, while others may have a more stoic demeanor. This is taking the “know your audience” concept to the next level.

Communicate with the Event Organizer

Let the event organizer know as many details as possible. Let them know when or if you will be taking questions, give them a copy of the speech ahead of time, and let them know how long it will be. The organizer will be able to set the stage and make sure the audience is courteous.

Practice With a Native Speaker

The best thing you can do is to practice with a native speaker ahead of the presentation. They will be able to tell you what concepts are not translating well and what is confusing. Native speakers will also have a good handle on the culture of the area and can help consult with that aspect.

Prepare to Make Mistakes

When speaking internationally, audiences are likely to be more lenient about faux pas. These audiences understand you are not from their area and you are going out on a limb to present to them. When you do make a social mistake, correct it if necessary and move on. The main goal is to get the key points of your speech out there, don’t get hung up on small mistakes.

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