International Three-Way Calls with ITC’s Phone Interpretation Service

Phone InterpreterIn today’s globalized world, communication across borders is more important than ever. When language barriers arise during international calls, ITC’s phone interpretation service is here to help. Our phone interpreters are live and native speakers. They help individuals who do not speak the same language to communicate over the phone.

This article will guide you through setting up an international three-way call using ITC’s phone interpretation service. This will ensure smooth communication and help overcome any language barriers.

Our phone interpretation service includes three-way calling to the US. However, international calls can require a bit more preparation. Our goal with every phone call is a high-quality, reliable connection. This is a guide for including an international 3rd party on your phone interpretation service.


Interpretation Call CenterStep 1: Test the International Number

Before calling for an interpreter, test the international number you’ll be calling. This helps you confirm that the number is correct and that you’re able to connect without any issues. To do this, simply dial the international number and wait for the call to connect.

Step 2: Call ITC’s Phone Interpretation Service

Next, call ITC’s phone interpretation service by dialing the number and providing the operator with your customer code. Inform the operator about the language you require assistance with, and you’ll be connected to a qualified interpreter within seconds.

You and your non-English speaking person can be connected to a native linguist interpreter in less than 16.5 seconds. This interpreter will be able to provide interpretation services in their native language. After you connect to an interpreter inform them that you will be calling in a foreign third party for the conference.

One of the reasons to test the international number before engaging with an interpreter has to do with costs. Once the interpreter is on the call, charges will begin. If this is a concern, calling the international party before calling the phone interpretation service might work better for you.

Step 3: Make the International Call and Conference in the Interpreter

After connecting with the ITC interpreter, initiate a three-way call by calling the international number once again. Most phones have a feature to add a third party to an ongoing call. This process may differ depending on your phone model and service provider. Consult your phone’s user manual or your service provider’s instructions on how to set up a three-way call.

Phone Interpretation CustomerStep 4: Communicate with Ease

Once you’ve successfully established the three-way call with the international party and the ITC interpreter, you can begin your conversation. The interpreter will facilitate communication between both parties, ensuring that language barriers are overcome and that the conversation flows smoothly.

By following these simple four steps, you can make international three-way calls with ease using ITC’s telephone interpretation service. Our professional interpreters are always available to help you communicate across language barriers. This makes it simpler for you to form relationships and do business globally.

To learn more about our Phone Interpretation Service see our service page.

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