New Jersey Bill Shows Importance of Translation and Interpretation Services

New Jersey is working to help people who speak languages other than English. A new bill, called S2459, aims to provide translation and interpretation services for these residents. With over 150 different languages spoken in New Jersey, there are many people who don’t speak English.


The bill wants to offer translation services in the 15 most common non-English languages. This includes languages like Spanish, Chinese, Korean, Portuguese, and more. State departments and agencies will need to translate important forms and notices. They will add five new languages each year for three years.

Each department or agency will also need to make and show posters about available language services. A language access coordinator will be selected for each agency


State Sen. Teresa Ruiz, who supports the bill, said that people should have access to resources when they need help. Advocates like the New Jersey Alliance for Immigrant Justice and the ACLU of New Jersey are happy about the bill’s progress


International Translating Company (ITC) has been helping organizations for years with their language needs. ITC works with clients in states like Utah, Tennessee, California, and New York. They have a team of certified professionals who offer translation, interpretation, and voiceover services for different industries.


This new bill shows how important language services are for our diverse communities. Companies like ITC help people with limited English skills access the resources they need. Language services make sure everyone can understand each other and be included.

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