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Journey into the heart of South India with our expert Kannada translation services. Spoken by over 40 million people, Kannada is the soulful language of the state of Karnataka, echoing tales of ancient kingdoms, rich literature, and diverse traditions.

Historical Insights

Kannada, one of the oldest Dravidian languages, has a history stretching back over 2,500 years. The land of Karnataka, with its historic capitals like Hampi and Mysore, has seen great empires like the Vijayanagara and the Hoysalas, all chronicling their legacies in Kannada.

Phonetic and Grammatical Features

Written in its distinctive script, Kannada carries unique phonetic and grammatical patterns. Its alphabet, rich in sounds, offers a melodic rhythm, requiring a deep understanding for accurate translations.

Cultural Significance

Kannada is not just a language; it’s a symphony of culture. From the classical music and dance forms to the Jnanpith Award-winning literature, Kannada is a vessel of the state’s artistic and intellectual heritage.

Modern-Day Importance

Karnataka, as an IT hub and economic powerhouse of India, has global connections. Accurate Kannada translations are pivotal in sectors like technology, business, and arts, linking Karnataka to the world and vice-versa.

Learning Kannada

Delving into Kannada offers insights into a vibrant world of history, art, and modernity. If you’re keen to explore this melodic language, we have resources and expertise to guide you.

Translation Challenges and Solutions

Translating Kannada demands a nuanced touch, understanding not just words but the essence behind them. Our dedicated team of native Kannada translators guarantees that every shade of meaning is captured, ensuring authenticity and precision.


Whether it’s for business in Bengaluru, research into ancient scripts, or cultural projects, International Translating Company is your trusted ally in Kannada translations. Dive into the essence of Karnataka with us, assured of excellence at every step.

Did You Know?

Kannada has its own set of numerical symbols, distinct from the Arabic numerals used widely today. This is a testament to the language’s rich and comprehensive literary tradition.

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