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Dive into the unique linguistic landscape of Malta with our unparalleled Maltese translation services. Rooted in the crossroads of civilizations, Maltese carries the echoes of Phoenicians, Arabs, Romans, and the Knights of St. John.

Historical Insights

Maltese, a Semitic language written in Latin script, is an embodiment of Malta’s vibrant history. From ancient maritime traders to the legendary knights and the echoes of British colonialism, Maltese reflects a melting pot of cultures and epochs.

Phonetic and Grammatical Features

With its rich blend of Arabic roots, Italianate vocabulary, and English influences, Maltese is a linguistically unique treasure. Its specific structures and rich phonetic nuances demand meticulous attention in translation.

Cultural Significance

More than just words, Maltese embodies the island’s folklore, music, feasts, and traditions. It’s the language of epic tales of the seas, of festas celebrated with fireworks, and of age-old lullabies sung under the Mediterranean skies.

Modern-Day Importance

As an official language of the European Union and the heart of Malta’s identity, the significance of precise and culturally resonant Maltese translations extends from business and legal spheres to the world of arts and academia.

Learning Maltese

Engaging with Maltese unlocks tales of chivalry, maritime adventures, and the soul of an island nation. For those keen to explore, we offer insights and resources to navigate this Mediterranean linguistic gem.

Translation Challenges and Solutions

Given the multifaceted nature of Maltese, capturing its essence in translation requires depth and expertise. Our dedicated team of native Maltese translators ensures that every project is handled with precision and cultural sensitivity.


For business liaisons, scholarly pursuits, cultural engagements, or personal connections, International Translating Company stands as your beacon for Maltese translations. Sail the Maltese linguistic seas with us, confident in our commitment to excellence and authenticity.

Did You Know?

The ń†gantija temples on the neighboring island of Gozo are among the world’s oldest free-standing structures, echoing the depth and ancient roots of Malta’s heritage.

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