Why Choose International Translating Company?

We have the Experience

Since 1969, ITC has proudly served our clients’ linguistic needs.  You have access to over 230 languages, 23,000 interpreters, and 2,400 translators, in over 130 countries, all with the experience to see your project through to success.

Quality Guaranteed

We have refined processes and systems to deliver the highest level of quality.  From our intense vetting process for certified linguists to assigning a Quality Assurance Specialist to each project team, we ensure your project is completed with excellence.

Value and Partnership Proposition

ITC values the level of care and resources our clients dedicate to their products, services, and communications. We take our partnership seriously and are honored to be trusted with your work. Every resource we have is invested in the success of your company.

International Translating Company Delivers Comprehensive Service

Our comprehensive service provides you with a complete language solution that ensures world-class accuracy at an affordable price. Translation, Interpretation, Transcription, Voice-Over, Subtitling, Technical Services, Desktop Publishing, Graphic Design, Language and Cross-Cultural Training, Web and Software Localization – all coordinated by your specially assigned Project Manager.

Extended Business Hours

ITC has project management, quality assurance, and other teams working around the clock to meet the demands of our customers. With worldwide resources, we can work with linguists anywhere in the world and complete projects at any time of day, regardless of the country or time zone.

Accurate, Certified Linguists

Our linguists are native professionals who are trained and certified in their discipline, ensuring world-class accuracy on your project. With thousands of certified linguists dedicated to translation, interpretation, transcription, and voiceover, we work non-stop to meet and then exceed your expectations.