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Accurate Translations for Schools & Students

Ensure clear communication and academic success with our expert education translation services.
Does your school district serve a diverse student population with varying language needs? Struggling to bridge the communication gap and ensure all students receive equal learning opportunities? International Translating Company provides expert education translation solutions to help you overcome these challenges. We translate essential school documents, reports, and communication materials, fostering a more inclusive and successful learning environment for all.

We offer expert education translation solutions to bridge the language gap and ensure all students receive equal opportunities to learn and thrive. We translate essential school documents, reports, and communication materials, fostering a more inclusive and successful learning environment for everyone.


Why Expert Translation is Essential for Educational Documents:

Navigating the complexities of educational translations requires more than just linguistic skills. Take, for example, the nuanced nature of consent evaluation forms, educational materials, and assessments. A native speaker might seem like a suitable choice for translating these crucial documents, but expertise extends beyond fluency.

Consider the creators of your original documents. Their expertise wasn’t chosen merely because they spoke English, but because they understood the intricacies of educational content—be it the specific requirements of an Individualized Education Program (IEP) or the sensitivity needed for family guidance letters. It’s not just about language; it’s about conveying the right educational concepts and ensuring accuracy in every term.

Translating educational status and assessments, or even something as critical as IEP documents, demands a deep understanding of both the source and target languages, as well as a firm grasp on the educational context. Professional translators bring this expertise, ensuring that every piece of translated content—from family letters to educational materials—maintains its original intent, adheres to local educational standards, and resonates with its new audience.

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Delivering Exceptional Educational Translation Services:

Our journey since 1969 has not only been about gathering a team of distinguished English to Spanish translators—it’s about building a foundation of training, dedication, and unparalleled experience. We take immense pride in our linguists’ abilities to bridge languages and cultures effectively. But to truly understand what sets our Spanish translation services apart, consider the following insights, drawn directly from decades of serving our clients with precision and care in translations and interpretations.



First, certifications truly help vet a linguist. It’s a good starting point. As a result, national, international or internal certification process help you get a baseline. Certifications indicate your Spanish translators might actually translate competently. At the very least, certifications indicate they knew their own native language enough to pass. As such, they should be able to provide a Spanish translation that will match the spirit, intent, context and tone of the English source material. Certainly, certifications vary in their effectiveness. As a result, we certify our translators in addition to other certifications they have to make sure they can meet our high standards. Certification and re-certification are continual processes for ITC. However, certification is not enough alone.

Translation and Language Education


Second, it’s important to have degrees and certificates. These show a dedication and extensive effort to their career as a linguist. Consequently, it suggests they are serious about translating from English to Spanish. And, it means they have had training to better ensure they know the language combination at a higher level. However, education is not enough alone.

Extensive Translation Experience


Third, few things beat experience. We all look for people to work with who are experienced at what they are asked to do. Certainly, the same is for a Spanish translator. Even with certifications and degrees, the difference between an English to Spanish translator with 1 year of experience and 15 years if significant. No surprise, right? It’s rather common sense. So, let’s say you have someone that’s certified, educated and experience. Isn’t that enough? Don’t get us wrong. It’s great. But, no, it’s not enough. Not for translations that are large or important. You need a process.

Supported by a quality language service process


Fourth, while this is the last in the list here, it’s certainly not the least important. We all know that when we are writing something important, it’s critical that we review it thoroughly. And, we know any person in their own native language might make a mistake. Often you will have someone you trust review it and look for typos, word choice, and feedback. As you can imagine, the same is needed in an English to Spanish translation process. One term in English can translate to many different terms in Spanish. As a result, the selection of the right Spanish term is critical to matching the English context. And that’s where we come in.
Even the most experience and qualified Spanish linguist needs help. A second set of eyes to make your translation is as error-free as possible. That’s what we do. We have been perfecting our translation and language services processes since 1969. We are proud of the value, efficiency and reliability they offer our clients.


“Wow – What a pleasant surprise! A company that makes working with them super! ITC’s team has our thanks for their continued efforts on our projects. They manage to translate, proofread, design and deliver our projects, ahead of schedule and within or under budget. Their quality is exceptional, and their customer service is exemplary!”

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Leveraging Our Expertise for Educational and Academic Translations:

International Translating Company, has extensive experience in education and academia, from the most prestigious universities to local school. We ensure every client receives our full dedication and expertise. In the realm of education and academia, where precise communication is pivotal, our history of collaboration with hundreds of institutions has honed our ability to deliver translations that truly resonate with students, educators, and administrators alike. Regardless of the scale of your educational project, you can expect nothing less than our utmost commitment to quality and accuracy.

To further assist you, we’ve compiled a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) that taps into our deep industry knowledge. These FAQs aim to shed light on how our specialized translation services can enhance your educational content, ranging from classroom letters and consent evaluation forms to comprehensive educational materials and Individualized Education Programs (IEP). Benefit from our insights and ensure your translations are not just linguistically accurate but also culturally and contextually relevant to your academic audience.

Can you translate academic records into multiple languages?


Yes, we can translate academic records, including transcripts, diplomas, and certificates, into over 230 languages with precision and accuracy.

Can you help with the translation of parental consent forms and family guidance documents?


Absolutely, we ensure these critical documents are translated clearly and accurately, facilitating understanding and engagement from all families.

Can you handle the translation of psychological evaluations and consent evaluation forms?


Yes, our team is equipped to handle sensitive documents like psychological evaluations with the utmost professionalism, ensuring accuracy and confidentiality.

How do you handle translations for educational content with technical terminology?


Projects with technical terminology are assigned to linguists who specialize in specific disciplines. Our translators have specific expertise in various academic fields, ensuring technical terminology is accurately translated.

Are your translators certified?


All our translators are certified professionals, ensuring high standards of linguistic and industry-specific expertise. Additionally, should you require a certified translation, we can add that formal certification to the translation prior to delivery.

Can you provide translation services for academic websites, making them accessible to a global audience?


Yes, our web and software localization services are designed to make your website welcoming and informative for a global audience, enhancing international engagement.

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