Armenian Translation Services: Bridging Cultures, Fostering Connections

In the global marketplace, the Armenian language represents not just a dialect, but a rich cultural tapestry with its unique alphabet and ancient heritage. Whether you are an entrepreneur eyeing the Armenian market or an individual requiring document translation, understanding and accurately communicating in Armenian is crucial. Here at International Translating Company (ITC), our suite of Armenian Language Services is designed to meet your diverse linguistic needs, ensuring your message is accurately conveyed and culturally resonant.

Our services are an essential tool for businesses and individuals alike, aiming to navigate the vibrant IT sector in Armenia or dealing with legal, medical, or personal documents. With ITC’s expert translators, you’re assured of precise and culturally sensitive translations, facilitating seamless interactions and transactions in the Armenian-speaking realm, regardless of your geographical location.

An Odyssey through Armenian Language and Culture

Armenian, with its unique script and a rich history dating back centuries, is not merely a language but a voyage through time. Its distinctive alphabet is a source of national pride and a reflection of the country’s resilience and rich cultural heritage.

Common English to Armenian Phrases

  • Welcome – Բարի գալուստ (Bah-ree gal-oost)
  • Good Morning – Բարի լույս (Bah-ree luys)
  • Thank You – Շնորհակալություն (Shnor-ha-ka-loo-t-yoon)
  • Please – Խնդրում եմ (Khnd-room em)
  • Excuse Me – Ներողություն (Ner-o-ghoo-t-yoon)
  • Yes – Այո (Ah-yo)
  • No – Ոչ (Voch)
  • How much? – Քանի՞ (Kah-nee?)
  • Where? – Որտե՞ղ (Vor-tegh?)
  • Help – Օգնություն (Og-noo-t-yoon)
  • Water – Ջուր (Jur)
  • Food – Սնունք (Snoo(n)k)
  • Bathroom – Խորան (Kho-ran)
  • Stop – Դադար (Dah-dar)
  • Goodbye – Ցտեսություն (Tstes-o-t-yoon)

Why ITC is Your Ideal Armenian Language Service Provider

With ITC, you are choosing more than just a translation service. You are opting for a partner committed to breaking down linguistic barriers and fostering clear communication. Our roster of satisfied clientele, including esteemed institutions and corporations across various sectors, is a testament to our unrivaled service quality. Embark on your Armenian language journey by submitting a quote request or calling us at 801-513-2063. Your path to clear, precise, and culturally attuned communication begins with ITC – where every word matters!

Armenian Language and Culture: Frequently Asked Questions

Delve deeper into the fascinating facets of the Armenian language and culture, enriching your understanding and engagement with this ancient yet vibrant linguistic community.

  • What is the significance of the Armenian alphabet?

    The Armenian alphabet is a cherished symbol of national identity and a conduit of Armenia’s rich literary and historical heritage.

  • What sectors are prominent in the Armenian economy?

    Besides the burgeoning IT sector, other key sectors include agriculture, mining, and tourism.

  • What are some traditional Armenian customs?

    Armenian culture is rich with traditional customs, including warm hospitality, respect for elders, and a deep appreciation for music and dance.

Embark on a Seamless Armenian Linguistic Journey with ITC

Your journey into the Armenian-speaking realm is a venture towards boundless opportunities. At ITC, we are dedicated to making this journey smooth and rewarding by providing top-notch Armenian translation services tailored to your needs. Whether it’s business documents, legal contracts, or personal correspondence, our expert translators ensure precision and cultural sensitivity in every word. Take the next step towards achieving impeccable communication in Armenian. Submit a quote request or reach out to us at 801-513-2063. With ITC, you’re not just translating words; you’re building bridges to new horizons—where every word matters!

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