Sometimes Funny, Mostly Sad

Q: What do you get when you when you mix machine translation, like GT, and a poor translation process? A: You never know until its done. It could be a cat, a cake, a funny tattoo, or a warning to not take small balls. It’s amazing how true the proverb[...]
By Allison Baillieston | November 23, 2017 | Categories: ITC | No Comments
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School Districts Sued for Lacking Language Services

Translation services are indispensable for multiracial schools, especially for pupils and parents who cannot converse well in English. Language barriers inconvenience pupils from achieving their best results in their academic endeavors and also prevent parents from participating in their children’s studies. That being said, schools have the responsibility to employ[...]
By Allison Baillieston | October 4, 2017 | Categories: ITC | No Comments
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