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Daniel Ford 

is a dedicated Senior Sales Executive with a remarkable tenure at International Translating Company, a pioneering company in the Language Service Industry. Throughout his career, Daniel has consistently demonstrated his exceptional sales skills and unwavering commitment to driving business growth. He has established himself as a force of competence and understanding.

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US departures

Translating Official Documents

Obtaining a passport or other government documents in the US can be stressful. Sending and processing official documents outside the US is sometimes downright dreadful. The United States process tens of millions of official documents every year, with an average wait time of 2-8 months, the information must be 100%[...]
By Daniel Ford | June 20, 2018 | Categories: ITC | No Comments

When Translation Errors Cost Lives

While modern medicine advances at a staggering pace, some hospitals and healthcare providers are finding it difficult to break down language barriers, sometimes resulting in tragic accidents. It’s common to see family members, including children, step in, and translate to hospital staff, often with little fluency.  The following are three[...]
By Daniel Ford | April 27, 2018 | Categories: ITC | No Comments