Azerbaijani Translation Services: Your Linguistic Bridge to the Land of Fire

Embarking on a journey into the Azerbaijani market or dealing with Azerbaijani documents requires an adept linguistic partner to ensure accuracy and cultural appropriateness. At International Translating Company (ITC), we offer premium Azerbaijani Language Services designed to cater to your diverse translation needs, making your communication seamless and effective.

Our translation services are a pivotal asset for various endeavors, whether you are a business venturing into Azerbaijan’s thriving oil and gas sector, a legal professional dealing with Azerbaijani documents, or an individual with personal translation needs. With ITC, you have a reliable partner ensuring your message is accurately translated and culturally attuned, no matter where you are in the world.

Dive into Azerbaijani: A Language Rich in History and Culture

The Azerbaijani language, with its Turkic roots, opens a window to a rich cultural and historical heritage. Its unique script tells tales of ancient traditions, while its modern usage reflects a rapidly evolving society blending the old with the new.

Common English to Azerbaijani Phrases

  • Welcome – Xoş gəlmisiniz (Khosh gel-mi-si-niz)
  • Good Morning – Sabahınız xeyir (Sa-ba-hi-niz khey-ir)
  • Thank You – Təşəkkür edirəm (Te-she-kkur eh-di-rem)
  • Please – Zəhmət olmasa (Zeh-met ol-ma-sa)
  • Excuse Me – Bağışlayın (Ba-ghish-lay-in)
  • Yes – Bəli (Beh-li)
  • No – Xeyir (Khey-ir)
  • How much? – Nə qədər? (Neh qeh-der?)
  • Where? – Harada? (Ha-ra-da?)
  • Help – Kömək (Ko-mek)
  • Water – Su (Su)
  • Food – Yemək (Yeh-mek)
  • Bathroom – Tualet (Tu-a-let)
  • Stop – Dayanın (Da-yan-in)
  • Goodbye – Xuda hafiz (Khuda hafiz)

Trusted Azerbaijani Translation Services at ITC

At ITC, our legacy of excellence, as attested by our extensive and satisfied clientele including prestigious institutions and corporations, is your assurance of quality. Our team of certified, native-speaking translators is dedicated to providing accurate and culturally sensitive translations, making us your trusted linguistic ally for Azerbaijani Language Services.

Azerbaijani Language and Culture: Frequently Asked Questions

Explore the intricacies of Azerbaijani language and culture to enhance your understanding and engagement with the Azerbaijani-speaking community.

  • What is the significance of Azerbaijan’s ancient script?

    The ancient script is a testament to Azerbaijan’s rich historical and cultural heritage, telling tales of its ancient civilization.

  • What are notable industries in Azerbaijan?

    The oil and gas sector is predominant, alongside growing sectors like IT, agriculture, and tourism.

  • What are common Azerbaijani traditions?

    Traditional music, dance, and a rich culinary heritage are among the cultural treasures of Azerbaijan.

Embark on Your Azerbaijani Linguistic Journey with ITC

Ready to bridge the linguistic gap and engage effectively with the Azerbaijani-speaking community? Our team at ITC is here to provide exceptional Azerbaijani translation services tailored to your unique needs. Submit a quote request or call us at 801-513-2063 to discover how we can support your linguistic needs. Your successful communication in Azerbaijani begins with ITC – where every word matters!

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