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Leveraging Professional Translation Services

Language services have become an integral part of global business in recent years, with companies needing to communicate effectively with clients and customers in different languages. Accurate and culturally sensitive translation, interpretation, and localization services are critical for companies that operate in multilingual environments. This is where International Translating Company[...]
By Abbey Casella | March 6, 2023 | Categories: ITC | No Comments

The Cost of Free Translations

Maintaining the confidentiality of highly sensitive official documents is critical for translation service providers. Some multinational corporations, in order to reduce costs, use discounted translation services or free online translation tools.[...]
By Abbey Casella | July 10, 2022 | Categories: ITC | No Comments

What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

Could machine translations cause offense? It seems that there is never a dull moment in politics these days. Bad translations just keep on stirring the pot. There could be worse things to have happen than[...]
By Abbey Casella | | Categories: ITC | No Comments

Not Everyone Can Interpret

Three ways to avoid interpretation embarrassment! Anyone can interpret…well not really. Knowing how to speak two languages is not the same as knowing how to interpret. The importance of having an excellent interpreter is most[...]
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