Client Testimonials

Get to know us a little more from what our clients say about us.

ITC Client - Multinational Heavy Equipment Manufacturer

“Wow – What a pleasant surprise! A company that makes working with them super! ITC’s team has our thanks for their continued efforts on our projects. They manage to translate, proofread, design and deliver our projects, ahead of schedule and within or under budget. Their quality is exceptional and their customer service is exemplary!” ~ Amy C - Multinational Heavy Equipment Manufacturer

ITC Client - International Non-Profit Social Services Org

“ITC is a great partner because they ask all the right questions. With ITC, they always go above and beyond in verifying the information and making sure I am happy with the product.” ~Cynthia C - International Social Services Non-profit

Client-Michael N-Global Management Consulting firm

“In the world of consulting, when a client needs a document translated, the timeline is yesterday and the budget is tight to say the least. We have had several urgent translation projects and much to our fortune, International Translating Company has been there for us each time. Being a service company and working with many others – you learn to appreciate the combination of courtesy, professionalism and precision – International Translating Company has this and more which is why Educational Consulting Company would recommend this team to all. From contracts to brochures – they are full service translation not just by scope, but by quality as well. Thanks ITC!” ~ Michael N-Global Management Consulting firm

Client - Stephen R - Multinational Entertainment Company

“Very fast, professional and reliable. Good people and great service.” ~Stephen R - Multinational Entertainment Company

Client - Lisa G- Subscription-Based Streaming Service Company

“Our organization has been working with ITC for several years. I just recently had my first project with them. To put it simply, they are wonderful!” Lisa G- Subscription-Based Streaming Service Company

Client - David K -Prestigious Private Research University

“International Translating Company has successfully provided tailored solutions to address our multilingual requirements. We recently had an urgent need to complete a project in a relatively obscure language (Bambara). As always, the ITC team promptly responded by delivering superior quality services within the specified time constraints. We express our utmost satisfaction with their exceptional performance!” ~David K -Prestigious Private Research University

Client - Chris R - Multinational Entertainment Company

“ITC never lets us down. Always on time and at a good price. The quality is excellent! Y’all are awesome.” ~ Chris R - Multinational Entertainment Company

Client - Robert L - Multinational Media Conglomerate

“We have found your company to provide the fastest, most economical, and by far the highest-quality translation service there is. Actually we have found a couple of faster translators, but the quality was nowhere near as good as yours. And the other good translators we’ve found charged way too much! To me your price, quality, and delivery time altogether are the best around!” ~ Robert L - Multinational Media Conglomerate

Client-Robin S - Multinational Entertainment and Media Conglomerate

“We depend upon International Translating Company’s unique model of employing only native language translators with the continuous quality control to verify accuracy. International Translating Company has never disappointed!” ~Robin S - Multinational Entertainment and Media Conglomerate

Client-Heather C-Multinational Agricultural and Construction Manufacturer

“ITC is fantastic and an appreciated partner! Thank you so much for all you do! Your team goes above and beyond!” ~ Heather C-Multinational Agricultural and Construction Manufacturer

Joana C

“I recently had the pleasure of coordinating an ASL interpretation through ITC. The experience of setting up the interpreter was seamless. ITC’s salesperson was exceptionally communicative, clearly outlined the process, and they even managed to find us an interpreter on short notice. They also provided a timely confirmation email with the interpreter's details. We look forward to continuing to work with this outstanding team for our future appointments!” ~ Joana C – Medical Assistant

Emily Cain

“ITC is awesome. I heard they were good, and they totally lived up to it. They were there when I needed them, didn’t cost an arm and a leg, got things done quick, and the quality? Top-notch. Plus, they’re super easy to talk to. I'd totally work with them again and tell my friends to do the same. Two thumbs up!” - Emily C.


“ITC does excellent work and fast turnaround!” – Art Director, US Manufacturing Company, Est. 1882


“ITC Exceeds my expectations!! Everything is perfect! Thank you so much!” – Human Resource Director, US Home Improvement Manufacture, Est. 1975


“ITC has rock stars!! I can’t thank them enough.” – Human Resource Director, American Confectionary Company, Est. 1892


“ITC is the best! I truly appreciate their consistent work and recently finishing a rush project with time to spare!” - Ben L.


“They were great! Very professional and able to interpret very fluently. It was a difficult situation, but ITC’s interpreter was able to help us keep the topic at hand and redirect the employee as needed. His background experience was very helpful too as he dealt with many similar situations like this in the past. He also gave us advice on any future translating meetings and how we can be better at them. I would definitely recommend ITC in the future.” - Benefits Manager, Food Service Management Company


“Five Stars for ITC. I would gladly recommend anyone to ITC. ITC has done several projects for us. Their communication is amazing, and the updates are regular while they are working on a project. Very impressed with the way they work with us!” - Engagement Manager, Global Management Consulting Company


“Amazing work on our most recent French translation project. Our French-native customer said it was perfect!”