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Translating between English to Thai takes a lot more than finding “someone” who speaks the language or pasting your text into an online translation tool. When context and meaning are important, you must be careful of who and what you work with. Too many people have been embarrassed by inaccurate translations. It’s easy explain the risks of free translations. However, just because a translation is expensive, don’t assume you are getting what you are paying for. We have found that many expensive translation services still cost a lot. Consequently, many companies select us to correct their past English to Thai translations and provide their future translations for all other languages as well. If you have English documents that require translation, you need a team of trained professionals to get the job done right.

At the International Translation Company, we provide quality translations from English to Thai. Additionally, we translate from Thai to English, and hundreds of other combinations from our library of over 230 languages. Whether you have clients in Bangkok or Nonthaburi, ITC’s certified, native, expert Thai linguists can provide the Thai translations you need.

How We Provide Excellent English to Thai Translations

ITC understands that your business must strike a balance between time, quality, and cost. Unfortunately, many clients think they need to sacrifice one of these to spare the other two. Maybe your budget is tight, so you choose to go with a machine translation. Inevitably, the end result will be low-quality. On the other hand, maybe quality is most important and you are willing to pay a premium. Sadly, price alone will not ensure a high quality Thai translation.

However, we understand your needs. You may be on a budget, but still want high-quality translations for your business. That is why our expert Thai translators work within a refined and world-class translation process that delivers quality at a competitive price, so you don’t have to make any sacrifices. At ITC, we give you high-quality, affordable Thai translations with a quick turnaround.

How do we do it? For each project, we have a team dedicated to your documents websites or other content. First, our native Thai linguists translate every word, checking and rechecking that all grammar, syntax, idioms, and vocabulary are perfectly translated. Next, a team of native Thai proofreaders pour over the documents, to ensure that no stone is left unturned in pursuit of quality. Finally, a project manager reviews the documents before returning them to the Thai language team for one final evaluation.

This process may sound tedious, but at ITC, we take the time to provide only the best Thai translations. And, we make sure to meet your deadlines. No matter how quickly you need your documents, ITC can expedite the work, while still providing high-quality service.

What About Our English to Thai Translation Pricing?

We believe in providing Thai translation services for just about any budget. While the cost does reflect our quality, we do not overcharge for our services. Our mission is to help all organizations receive world-class language services. All of our Thai document translations are fast, affordable, and accurate.

Why Choose Us For Your English to Thai Translation?

If you are thinking about translating your Thai documents with a free online translator, stop! Online, AI-based or computer translation tools have considerable difficulty connecting words with context, causing many words and phrases to be mistranslated. Additionally, these tools have no way to account for style or tone. Consequently, the result can be a Thai translation that’s slightly off to completely unintelligible.

Many businesses and individuals are also tempted to take their documents to a non-native Thai translator. This may be done for the convenience or possibly the cost. However, this is also a huge mistake. While some non-native translators can provide adequate Thai translations for uncomplicated documents, this is not usually the case. If your documents contain any technical language, complex jargon, or culturally specific idioms, consider finding a professional and native Thai translator. A non-native speaker will simply not be able to get the job done right.

Finally, some may believe that a native Thai speaker will be able to provide a quality Thai document translation. While some can and certainly do, you would still be taking a big risk with your documents. For example, if a Thai speaker is translating from English to Thai , they may only be fluent in Thai. If they do not have a firm grasp of English, the document would not be translated accurately. Additionally, being a native Thai linguist is only the first in providing an accurate Thai translation. For example, think of how many native English speakers you know who you simply wouldn’t trust to write your English content. Clearly, being a native Thai translator isn’t the only requirement. Haven’t been providing companies translations for over 50 years, we know that you need certified, native translators and quality processes to support them, before you can consistently deliver quality translations.

This is why ITC is the best in the business. Our native Thai linguists are experts, and have been trained and certified to translate. You must use the services of a native, certified linguist to ensure that your documents have been translated correctly.

Thanks to our proven process and qualified translators, our clients trust in the quality of our work. And, they know that we go the extra mile to provide quality Thai translations. Here is what one of our clients had to say about us:

“We depend upon International Translating Company’s unique model of employing only native language translators with the continuous quality control to verify accuracy. International Translating Company has never disappointed!”

Our Past English to Thai Translation Work

ITC has worked with thousands of businesses, both large and small. We translate for Fortune 500 Companies and small startups. No matter the size of your business, we will treat you with the utmost care and attention. Here are just a few of our specialty industries:

Manufacturing Thai Translations

We provide quality Thai translations for instruction manuals, patents, certifications, and product bulletins. We have technical experts who understand the complex nature of the work, and can translate manufacturing documents with ease.

Advertising & Marketing Thai Translations

If you need Thai translation services for your website, social media campaign, or brochure, ITC can help. Our linguists understand that wording and tone are key. Nothing will be changed during the translation process, so your message will remain intact and effective.

Legal Thai Translations

We provide accurate translations of your contracts, memos, and other legal documents. ITC also provides Thai interpretations for depositions, client calls, and other services for international firms. If you are looking to expand into a new market, ITC has you covered.

Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Thai Translations

We specialize in translating Thai for research studies, facility surveys, and transcription. Accuracy is particularly important when it comes to the health and wellness of patients, so producing accurate translations is a priority.

Consumer Products Thai Translations

For graphic design, compliance documentation, or even nutrition labels, ITC can provide the best possible Thai translation. If you want to expand the reach of your product, we can provide the translations for every step of the process.

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