Case Study: Human Resources Training Video Translations

Our clients consistently engage us for all their translation needs because we:
• Provide the broadest range of translation services in the industry.
• Work with professionally certified linguists vetted by us for their experience and industry knowledge.
• Offer the highest quality service at a reasonable price.

Recently we were approached by one of our clients to provide a company-wide training video translation critical to improving their customer service.

Client Description: The client is a service provider to restaurants, health care organizations, the automotive industry, and industrial facilities. They have 180 locations, with 355,000 customers in 14 countries. They are ranked within the Forbes 500 list of America’s Largest Private Companies.

Problem: Their HR Department created a training video in English that educated their employees about a predictive assessment that they were rolling out company-wide. The video explained the success factors and competencies for different positions and how the assessment would assist them in doing a better job and understand the customer’s perspective better. This video was distributed to employees in the US and Canada.

Their HR counterparts in Canada asked if they could translate the video, and all content in the video to French-Canadian.

Solution: In the past, this client had only used us for document translation services and wasn’t sure if we offered all services necessary to take the complete project from English to French-Canadian. They called us, and we confirmed that we could do it all for them. They sent us the animations, PowerPoint file, graphics, and audio content used in the video. We transcribed and translated the script for the video. We used our voice talent team to do the voiceover in native French-Canadian. Finally, our video editing team put it all together.

Results: We were able to address a request that the client initially thought may be to be too costly at a good price and extend the impact of the training to all their employees in Canada. We completed it ahead of schedule, and the result was a flawless remake of the English video. The French-Canadian employees and the HR department confirmed that our work was excellent. As a result, the French-Canadian group uses us exclusively for all of their translations and language services.

The real sign of the win was the email from their Corporate HR executive.

“Wow, impressive!
Thank you!”

While this project was a huge success for the client, it was a pleasure for our company to leverage our expertise and expert linguists in fulfilling the needs of the client.

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