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Translating between Hungarian and English is not easy. There are many nuances with both languages and navigating them can be difficult.  As a result, you might seriously consider certified translators. Certainly, if you have Hungarian documents, websites, brochures, instruction manuals, marketing collateral, etc. that require translation, you need a team of trained professionals to get the job done right. That’s why our clients rely on our Hungarian Translation Services.

At the International Translation Company, we provide quality translations from Hungarian to English. In addition, we translate from English to Hungarian, and hundreds of other combinations from our library of over 230 languages. That is to say, whether you have clients in Bupadest or a factory in Debrecen, ITC can provide the Hungarian translations you need.

Why use professional for your Hungarian Translation?

We get it. You might have someone close to you who speaks Hungarian and they might be a native. As a result, they might seem like a great fit for the work because they know the language. Actually, they could be a good fit.  Of course, we can’t speak to the qualifications of those we don’t know. However, if you look at the question from a different perspective, it might help.

Let’s start with what you are having translated? For instance, it could be a product manual, marketing collateral, website copy? Whatever it is, if you look at who it was who created the English content, there’s a reason you picked them.  Certainly, it wasn’t just because they are native English. Think of all the native English speakers you know. How many of those could have created the English content you have? How many native English speakers do you know who would have written it poorly? In other words, it matters who you choose to write your content.

These are useful questions when considering your translation. Certainly, it required skill and precision to get to this point. Likewise, it takes similar skill and precision to get it to Hungarian.  In short, it requires a lot more than just knowing the language and more than just being a native.

So, that begs the question;

What Makes a Qualified Translator?

We could go on and on about the training, dedication and experience of our English to Hungarian  linguists.  Clearly, we are very proud of them.  However, the list below might help you more.  Obviously, these have been gathered from helping our clients with Hungarian translations, and interpretations since 1969.


First, certifications truly help vet a linguist. It’s a good starting point.  As a result, national, international or internal certification process help you get a baseline.  Certifications indicate your Hungarian translators might actually translate competently.  At the very least, certifications indicate they knew their own native language enough to pass.  As such, they should be able to provide a Hungarian translation that will match the spirit, intent, context and tone of the English source material. Certainly, certifications vary in their effectiveness.  As a result, we certify our translators in addition to other certifications they have to make sure they can meet our high standards.  Certification and re-certification are continual processes for ITC.  However, certification is not enough alone.

Translation and Language Education

Second, it’s important to have degrees and certificates. These show a dedication and extensive effort to their career as a linguist. Consequently, it suggests they are serious about translating from English to Hungarian. And, it means they have had training to better ensure they know the language combination at a higher level.  However, education is not enough alone.

Extensive Translation Experience

Third, few things beat experience. We all look for people to work with who are experienced at what they are asked to do. Certainly, the same is for a Hungarian translator. Even with certifications and degrees, the difference between an English to Hungarian translator with 1 year of experience and 15 years if significant. No surprise, right? It’s rather common sense. So, let’s say you have someone that’s certified, educated and experience.  Isn’t that enough? Don’t get us wrong.  It’s great.  But, no, it’s not enough.  Not for translations that are large or important.  You need a process.

Supported by a quality language service process

Fourth, while this is the last in the list here, it’s certainly not the least important. We all know that when we are writing something important, it’s critical that we review it thoroughly. And, we know any person in their own native language might make a mistake. Often you will have someone you trust review it and look for typos, word choice, and feedback.  As you can imagine, the same is needed in an English to Hungarian translation process. One term in English can translate to many different terms in Hungarian.  As a result, the selection of the right Hungarian term is critical to matching the English context.  And that’s where we come in.

Even the most experience and qualified Hungarian linguist needs help.  A second set of eyes to make your translation is as error-free as possible.  That’s what we do.  We have been perfecting our translation and language services processes since 1969. We are proud of the value, efficiency and reliability they offer our clients.

Client Experience

“Wow – What a pleasant surprise! A company that makes working with them super! ITC’s team has our thanks for their continued efforts on our projects. They manage to translate, proofread, design and deliver our projects, ahead of schedule and within or under budget. Their quality is exceptional, and their customer service is exemplary!”

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Our Past Work

International Translating Company has worked with hundreds of businesses, both large and small.  We translate for Fortune 500 Companies and small startups. No matter the size of your business, we will treat you with the utmost care and attention. Here are just a few of our specialty industries:


We provide quality Hungarian translations for instruction manuals, patents, certifications, and product bulletins. We have technical experts who understand the complex nature of the work and can translate manufacturing documents with ease.

Advertising & Marketing

If you need Hungarian translation services for your website, social media campaign, or brochure, ITC can help. Our linguists understand that wording and tone are key. Nothing will be changed during the translation process, so your message will remain intact, effective, and original.


We guarantee the accuracy of your contracts, memos, and other legal documents. ITC also provides Hungarian translation for website localization for international businesses. If you are looking to expand into a new market, ITC has you covered. We will ensure that your audience is kept up-to-date, regardless of what language they speak.

Healthcare & Pharmaceutical

We specialize in translating Hungarian research studies, facility surveys, and precise transcription. Accuracy is particularly important when it comes to the health and wellness of patients, so producing accurate translations is a priority.

Consumer Products

For graphic design, compliance documentation, or even nutrition labels, ITC can provide the best possible Hungarian translation. If you want to expand the reach of your product, we can provide the translations for every step of the process.

Service Industries

From Human Resources to Marketing and Sales, ITC provides the best possible Hungarian translation services.  For example, we are experts at translating company handbooks, videos, policies, marketing collateral, sales presentation services and everything else. Click here to read a case about how we helped a major service company meet their translation needs.

To see more of the industries we work with, visit our Industries Served page to learn more.

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