The Critical Role of Language Services in The Financial Industry

At ITC, we understand the importance of language in the financial industry. Financial documents and transactions require accurate and precise translation and interpretation to avoid errors, misunderstandings, and legal issues. Our translation services cover a broad range of financial documents, including annual reports, balance sheets, income statements, financial statements, contracts, and more.

Accurate and Culturally Sensitive Financial Translation

Our global team of over 4,500 expert linguists specializes in various industries, including the financial sector. All of our translators are trained, certified, and native speakers, ensuring accuracy and cultural sensitivity. We provide quality and accurate translation services for your financial documents, ensuring that every word matters.

Expert Phone and On-Site Interpretation for Financial Transactions

We provide phone and on-site interpretation services to support financial transactions, meetings, conferences, and events worldwide. Our phone interpretation service is available 24/7, with an average connect time of 18 seconds, providing immediate assistance. Our on-site interpretation services are delivered by a team of over 23,000 professional interpreters who are experts in the financial industry.

Professional Voice-Over and Subtitling Services for Financial Videos

We offer voice-over services for financial videos, commercials, and presentations. Our team of professional and native voice talent ensures proper pronunciation, tone, and idiomatic nuances. We provide subtitling services, using the latest technology, to assist with your financial video projects at any stage of the process.

Notable Clients in the Financial Industry

For years we have worked with companies in the financial industry.  Our notable clients in this industry include Wells Fargo and Bank of America, who trust us to handle their language needs with precision and cultural sensitivity.

Contact Us for Your Financial Language Needs

ITC is the perfect partner for all your language needs in the financial industry. Our team of certified professionals and linguists ensures that your financial documents and transactions are handled with accuracy, cultural sensitivity, and attention to detail. Contact us today to get started. ITC, “Where every word matters!”

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