Globalizing Tourism: Leveraging Expert Language Services for Success

The travel and tourism industry is a global business that requires effective communication with customers from diverse linguistic and cultural backgrounds. International Translating Company provides expert language services tailored to the unique needs of the travel and tourism industry. Our team of certified professionals offers a complete language solution, including translation, interpretation, voiceover, localization, language testing and certification, and more.

Tourism Industry Language Services

Translation Services: Bridging the Language Gap for the Travel and Tourism Industry

ITC’s global team of over 4,500 expert linguists specialize in various industries, including travel and tourism. We offer translation services for websites, brochures, hotel and restaurant menus, travel guides, and other marketing materials. Our translators are native speakers and possess a deep understanding of the industry’s terminology, ensuring accuracy and cultural sensitivity.

Interpretation Services: Providing Clear Communication for Tourists and Businesses

ITC offers both phone and on-site interpretation services for the travel and tourism industry. Our phone interpretation service is available 24/7, with an average connect time of 18 seconds, providing immediate assistance. We also provide on-site interpretation services for hotels, resorts, attractions, and events worldwide, with a team of over 23,000 professional interpreters. Our interpreters are trained in the travel and tourism industry’s terminology, ensuring clear and accurate communication.

Voiceover Services: Engaging Your Global Audience in Their Native Language

ITC’s team provides professional and native voice talent for the travel and tourism industry, matching the language, gender, age, and tone required. Our team ensures proper pronunciation and idiomatic nuances, providing a seamless experience for the end-users. We offer voiceover services for promotional videos, tourist guides, and more.

Localization Services: Adapting to the Local Culture and Market

ITC’s localization experts adapt marketing materials and software to specific target markets, ensuring a seamless user experience. We help businesses expand globally by adapting their website, mobile applications, and other content to the local market. Our team of experts is equipped with the latest technology, ensuring the highest level of accuracy and efficiency.

Travel Industry Translations

Language Testing and Certification: Ensuring Effective Communication with International Customers

ITC provides language testing and certification services for individuals and organizations in the travel and tourism industry. Our services include language proficiency tests, localization testing, and cultural adaptation assessments. We help businesses ensure that their employees possess the language skills required to communicate effectively with international customers.

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