On-Site Interpretation

Local linguists, world wide!

Language interpretation enables the listener to understand the speaker, even when they speak different languages. Through ITC, you have access to over 23,000 professional interpreters covering any conference, meeting or event in the world.

Whether your requirement is a personal, sentence-by-sentence solution or real-time interpreting at a large venue, our well-versed interpreters are capable of effectively conveying the dialogue quickly and accurately.

What Are the Benefits?

Understanding – You want your customers, business associates, and employees to understand you and each other. The on-site interpreter helps them to make sense of your message in a language they understand. This promotes understanding, happiness, and a less stressful event.

Interaction – Whether you’re organizing a formal conference for your clients from all over the world, or bringing a small group of business leaders together, having an interpreter promotes interaction and socializing among your participants. The interpreter helps cross the boundaries of language that could prevent a beneficial sharing of information, ideas and friendships.

  • Over 200 Different Languages
  • Consecutive or Simultaneous
  • Credentialed Linguists
  • Affordable Pricing
  • World-wide Service
  • Simple and Easy Scheduling
  • Equipment Rental Available
  • Native Linguists
On-Site Interpretation


  • “ITC is a great partner because they ask all the right questions. With ITC, they always go above and beyond in verifying the information and making sure I am happy with the product”

  • “Very fast, professional and reliable. Good people and great service”

  • “ITC has been able to provide specialized service to cope with our foreign language needs. We recently had an urgent need to complete a project in a not very common language (Bambara). ITC team was quickly able to deliver high quality service within the deadline. We are very satisfied with their service and will certainly reach out to ITC for assistance in the future.”

  • “ITC never lets us down. Always on time and at a good price. The quality is excellent! Y’all are awesome.”

  • “We have found your company to provide the fastest, most economical, and by far the highest-quality translation service there is. Actually we have found a couple of faster translators, but the quality was nowhere near as good as yours. And the other good translators we’ve found charged way too much! To me your price, quality, and delivery time altogether are the best around!”

  • “We depend upon ITC’s unique model of employing only native language translators with the continuous quality control to verify accuracy. ITC has never disappointed!”

  • “In the world of consulting, when a client needs a document translated, the timeline is yesterday and the budget is tight to say the least. We have had several urgent translation projects and much to our fortune, ITC has been there for us each time. Being a service company and working with many others – you learn to appreciate the combination of courtesy, professionalism and precision – ITC has this and more which is why Educational Consulting Company would recommend this team to all. From contracts to brochures – they are full service translation not just by scope, but by quality as well. Thanks ITC!”

  • “ITC is fantastic and an appreciated partner!  Thank you so much for all you do!  Your team goes above and beyond!”

  • “Wow – What a pleasant surprise!  A company that makes working with them super!  ITC’s team has our thanks for their continued efforts on our projects.  They manage to translate, proofread, design and deliver our projects, ahead of schedule and within or under budget.  Their quality is exceptional and their customer service is exemplary!”