Bridging Global Communication with On-Site Interpretation

Worldwide Linguists at Your Service!

In a world where language can often become a barrier, our on-site interpretation service acts as the bridge that connects you to your global audience. At ITC, we offer our clients access to our proprietary network of over 23,000 professional interpreters who are ready to serve your diverse language needs at any conference, meeting, or event across the globe.

Whether your needs range from individual, sentence-by-sentence interpretation to real-time interpretation in a large venue, our skilled linguists ensure that your dialogue is conveyed with accuracy, speed, and cultural sensitivity.

The ITC Advantage: Why Choose Our On-Site Interpretation Service?

Conference On-site Interpretation

Ensuring Understanding

Effective communication is the heart of any successful interaction. Our on-site interpretation service helps you and your associates understand each other by conveying your messages into a language your audience understands. It goes without saying that this promotes better comprehension, fosters a positive environment, and leads to successful events.

Promoting Interaction

Regardless of the setting, small or large, local or international, our interpreters pave the way for enhanced interaction and networking. A good example of this is the use of interpreters at tradeshows. The efficacy of having native interpreters accompany our clients to tradeshows increases contacts, leads, and ROI well beyond the cost of the interpreters. By eliminating the language barrier, they enable a productive exchange of information, ideas, and even foster lasting relationships.
Training Interpretation

Delivering Excellence in Over 280 Languages

Our team of certified, native linguists is skilled in providing interpretation services in over 280 languages. We offer a comprehensive range of services with a commitment to quality that is backed by our robust Quality Management System. At ITC, we understand people and languages. We help ensure your message reaches your audience regardless of the language.  We put as much effort into conveying your message as you put into developing it.

Hearing from Our Happy Clients

Don’t just take our word for it. Hear from our satisfied clients about how we’ve helped them bridge language gaps and foster meaningful connections:

  • “ITC goes above and beyond to ensure information is verified and I am satisfied with the product.” ~Cynthia C, International Social Services Non-profit
  • “ITC has been a lifesaver for our urgent translation needs. Their combination of courtesy, professionalism, and precision is unmatched.” ~Candance Case, Educational Consulting Company
  • “A company that makes working with them an absolute pleasure! Their quality is exceptional and their customer service is exemplary.” ~Robert Wilko, Training Manager

Ready to bridge the language gap at your next event? Contact ITC today for superior on-site interpretation services. With our global network of professional interpreters, we’re committed to providing you with seamless, high-quality communication in over 280 languages. Don’t let language barriers hold you back. Request a quote to get started with ITC’s on-site interpretation services today!