Over-the-Phone Interpretation

On-location or on-the-phone professionals!

Our live, native-speaking phone interpreters help people who don’t share the same language to communicate with each other over the phone.

You have 24/7/365 immediate access to interpreters in over 200 languages. Our goal with every phone call is a high-quality, reliable connection.

How Does It Work?

For an idea of how over-the-phone interpreting works, we’ll use an example as if you want to communicate in English. When you encounter someone who does not speak English, first you call the ITC Hotline. You let the operator who answers know what language you need.

Then, in less than 16.5 seconds, you and your non-English speaking person are connected to a native linguist interpreter for that language! You can have your conversation together successfully with the help of the interpreter.

Why Use ITC Interpreters?

Your over-the-phone interpretation needs are met as a result of our:

  • Connection Times: less than 16.5 seconds average connection time (12 for Spanish) – that’s fast!
  • Three-way Calling: included with each plan
  • Call Scheduling: for your convenience schedule calls in advance, share documents and materials with our linguists, request specific skill sets, or book a time with a rare language linguist
  • Interpreter Vetting: Our interpreters adhere to the Interpreter Code of Ethics and each is vetted for their interpretation education, experience and competency.
    • At least two years of interpreting experience
    • Criminal background check
    • Identity verification and reference checks
    • Testing that verifies competency, memory, ethics, vocabulary
  • Legality and Compliance: Interpreters must understand and comply with all required confidentiality guidelines, protocols, and certifications.
  • Staffing: at least 15% more interpreters on call than our projected demand – just in case
  • Over 200 Different Languages
  • 24 / 7 Access
  • Credentialed Linguists
  • Affordable Pricing
  • Dedicated Number
  • Operators in 3 Seconds or Less
  • 3rd Party Dial Out
  • Detailed Reporting
“ITC is a great partner because they ask all the right questions. With ITC, they always go above and beyond in verifying the information and making sure I am happy with the product.”
Director of Health Services, Non-profit Organization
“Very fast, professional and reliable. Good people and great service.”
Attorney, Law Firm
“International Translating Company has been able to provide specialized service to cope with our foreign language needs. We recently had an urgent need to complete a project in a not very common language (Bambara). ITC team was quickly able to deliver high quality service within the deadline. We are very satisfied with their service and will certainly reach out to ITC for assistance in the future.”
Global Programs Manager, Non-profit Organization
“ITC never lets us down. Always on time and at a good price. The quality is excellent! Y’all are awesome.”
Operations Manager, Texas Manufacturing Company
“We have found your company to provide the fastest, most economical, and by far the highest-quality translation service there is. Actually we have found a couple of faster translators, but the quality was nowhere near as good as yours. And the other good translators we’ve found charged way too much! To me your price, quality, and delivery time altogether are the best around!”
Vice President, US Consumer Products Company
“We depend upon International Translating Company’s unique model of employing only native language translators with the continuous quality control to verify accuracy. International Translating Company has never disappointed!”
Business Development Manager, Major US City
“In the world of consulting, when a client needs a document translated, the timeline is yesterday and the budget is tight to say the least. We have had several urgent translation projects and much to our fortune, International Translating Company has been there for us each time. Being a service company and working with many others – you learn to appreciate the combination of courtesy, professionalism and precision – International Translating Company has this and more which is why Educational Consulting Company would recommend this team to all. From contracts to brochures – they are full service translation not just by scope, but by quality as well. Thanks ITC!”
Chief Operating Officer, Educational Consulting Company