Phone Interpretation Services by ITC: Connecting the World, One Call at a Time

Breaking Language Barriers with Our Expert Phone Interpreters

At International Translating Company (ITC), we understand that effective communication is the key to building strong relationships and solving problems. Our phone interpretation services make it easy for individuals and businesses to connect with each other, regardless of language barriers.

Call Center Phone Interpretation

Why Choose ITC for Phone Interpretation Services?

  1. We take pride in our average connection time of only 18 seconds. This ensures that you get the language support you need quickly.
  2. Global Expertise: Our network of over 23,000 professional interpreters cover over 230 languages. This allows us to serve clients from all industries, including healthcare, entertainment, and education. Some of our notable clients include Harvard University, Mayo Clinic, and Netflix.
  3. 24/7 Availability: Our phone interpretation service is available 24/7, providing you with immediate assistance with good customer service skills.
  4. Rigorous Interpreter Vetting: Each of our interpreters go through a vetting process. This includes background checks, identity verification, reference checks, and competency testing.
  5. Compliance and Security: Our interpreters strictly follow the Interpreter Code of Ethics and all required security guidelines, protocols, and certifications.g.

Real-World Applications of ITC’s Phone Interpretation Services

  • Medical appointments and emergencies: Ensure clear communication between healthcare providers and patients, even when they speak different languages.
  • Business meetings and negotiations: Facilitate seamless interactions between business partners, suppliers, and communications with customers.
  • Customer Service: Provide multilingual assistance to customers, providing a great customer service experience with your company.
  • Legal proceedings: Guarantee accurate communication during legal consultations and court proceedings.
  • Travel and tourism: Help travelers in overcoming language barriers while navigating foreign countries.
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