Video Interpretation

Video Interpreters available at a click!

On-demand and by-appointment video interpreters available for limited English proficient, deaf, and hard-of-hearing individuals.

Regardless of the size of your organization, ITC, can help your personnel communicate visually with anyone in the world in almost any language. Please contact us for additional information or complete a quote form below

How Does Video Interpretation Work?

For an idea of how Video Interpretation works, we’ll use an example as if you want to communicate in English. When you encounter someone who does not speak English, first you call the ITC Hotline. You let the operator who answers know what language you need.

Then, in less than 16.5 seconds, you and your non-English speaking person are connected to a native linguist interpreter for that language! You can have your conversation together successfully with the help of the interpreter.

Why Use ITC Interpreters?

Your over-the-phone interpretation needs are met as a result of our:

  • Connection Times: less than 16.5 seconds average connection time (12 for Spanish) – that’s fast!
  • Three-way Calling: included with each plan
  • Call Scheduling: for your convenience schedule calls in advance, share documents and materials with our linguists, request specific skill sets, or book a time with a rare language linguist
  • Interpreter Vetting: Our interpreters adhere to the Interpreter Code of Ethics and each is vetted for their interpretation education, experience and competency.
    • At least two years of interpreting experience
    • Criminal background check
    • Identity verification and reference checks
    • Testing that verifies competency, memory, ethics, vocabulary
  • Legality and Compliance: Interpreters must understand and comply with all required confidentiality guidelines, protocols, and certifications.
  • Staffing: at least 15% more interpreters on call than our projected demand – just in case
Over 200 Different Languages
Certified Linguists
Native Linguists
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