Voice-Over Services: Speak the Language of Your Global Audience

Welcome to International Translating Company’s (ITC) Voice-Over services, where every word truly matters!

We have been a language partner since 1969. Our goal is to exceed expectations by offering various language services. These services include translations, interpretations, and voice-over services. Our experience and dedication position us as a leading provider in the United States and beyond.

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Delivering Your Message in Over 230 Languages

At ITC, we believe the authenticity of a voice can lend credibility and foster familiarity. To ensure the accurate delivery of your message, we engage professional voice-over artists who are native speakers. This approach guarantees proper pronunciation and nuances, making your content sound genuinely local.

Customizing Your Project: It’s All About the Details

Your brand’s voice needs to resonate with the specific audience you target. ITC customizes your voice-over project to match the language, gender, and age needed. This ensures that the voices representing your brand sound familiar and suitable for your target audience.


Not only do we focus on the accuracy of the language, but we also understand the impact of pace and tone. Our voice-over professionals are adept at fine-tuning these essential elements to suit your project’s market. Whether it’s a high-energy radio commercial, an informative industrial narration, a captivating multimedia project, or high-quality lip-syncing for TV, our team will adapt to suit your needs perfectly.

Trusted by Renowned Clients

Top institutions like Harvard, Mayo Clinic, Google, and Disney trust us. Our commitment to quality and accuracy makes us a reliable partner in education, healthcare, entertainment, technology, and more.

Join our distinguished client list today and give your business the voice it deserves. Reach out to us at 801-513-2063 or email info@internationaltranslating.com. Let’s translate your vision into a global message. At ITC, every word matters!

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