Voice-Over Services

An increasingly popular and effective way to reach international markets is by using the sound of local voices. A voice that speaks the language of the market adds an element of trust, credibility, and familiarity.

What ITC Voice-Over Services Do for You

ITC offers voice-over services in more than 230 languages. Our high quality voice-over service enables you to localize your content and carry your message across both linguistic and cultural boundaries.

We only use professional voice-over artists who are native speakers. This ensures the delivery of the proper pronunciation and idiomatic nuances of your target language.

Our services include, but are not limited to:

  • Radio commercials
  • Industrial narrations
  • Multimedia projects
  • High-quality lip-syncing for TV

Customized to Your Needs

For your project, ITC finds professional and native voice talent to match the language, gender, and age you need. This ensures that the voices representing your company sound familiar and appropriate to your production.

The pace and tone of voice are other critical components to a successful voice-over. The voice talent who work on your project are specifically selected for your project’s target market.

Exceeding Expectations

At ITC, we work non-stop to meet and then exceed your expectations.

Over 200 Different Languages
Certified Linguists
Native Linguists
Complete Range of Services
Guaranteed Quality
Quality Management System
Extended Business Hours
Faster Turn Times