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Marshallese, also known as “Ebon”, is a unique and enchanting language, primarily spoken by the residents of the Marshall Islands and by Marshall Islanders residing in the United States. It is an Austronesian language, a family that stretches across the Pacific from Madagascar to Easter Island.

As of the most recent estimates, approximately 44,000 people in the world speak Marshallese. The language is most prevalent on the Marshall Islands themselves, where it is the national language, but it also has speakers in Nauru, and in the U.S. states of Arkansas, California, Hawaii, Oklahoma, Oregon, and Washington, due to emigration.

Understanding and translating the Marshallese language requires not only proficiency in the language itself but also an in-depth understanding of the rich cultural tapestry that the Marshallese people are part of. Marshallese culture is steeped in oral traditions, with legends, songs, and chants playing a significant role. This tradition of oral storytelling contributes to the richness of the language, which in turn, adds depth to its written form.

At the International Translation Company (ITC), we specialize in providing high-quality Marshallese translation services. Our professional linguists have the cultural knowledge and linguistic proficiency needed to deliver accurate and meaningful translations. We understand the nuances and subtleties of the Marshallese language and culture, enabling us to bridge linguistic gaps and foster clear, precise communication.

With globalization increasing rapidly, the importance of understanding and respecting diverse languages and cultures has never been more apparent. Whether you’re a business aiming to expand into Marshallese-speaking markets, a government organization working on international projects, or an individual seeking personal translations, ITC is here to meet your Marshallese translation needs. We are committed to helping our clients connect and communicate effectively with Marshallese-speaking audiences, thereby supporting global understanding and multicultural collaboration.

Our Marshallese translation services can be applied across various sectors such as business, healthcare, legal, and education. Whether you’re a business aiming to penetrate the Marshallese market or a research institution needing accurate translations for projects, we’ve got you covered. Our professional translators ensure that your messages resonate effectively with Marshallese-speaking audiences, fostering deeper connections and understanding.

Embracing the Marshallese Language and Culture

Marshallese is the official language of the Marshall Islands, spoken by over 50,000 people. This Micronesian language has two major dialects, Rālik and Ratak. The Marshallese culture is rich in oral tradition, with stories, legends, and songs passed down through generations. Understanding these cultural nuances is crucial for effective Marshallese translation, which is a cornerstone of our services at ITC.

Common English to Marshallese Phrases

Here are a few common English to Marshallese phrases:

  • Hello: “Iakwe” (Yah-kwe)
  • Thank You: “Kommol” (Koh-mohl)
  • How are you?: “Ej et am?” (Eh jet am?)
  • Good Morning: “Mour eo an” (Moor eh-oh an)
  • Goodbye: “Elukun” (Eh-loo-koon)
  • Please: “Jolok” (Joh-lohk)
  • Yes: “Aet” (Ah-et)
  • No: “Jab” (Jahb)
  • I love you: “Ij yokwe yuk” (Eeh yoh-kwe yuhk)
  • Welcome: “Bar mour” (Bah moor)
  • Excuse me: “Jeljel” (Jel-jel)

With over 50 years of experience, ITC has developed a reputation for delivering exceptional translation services. We’re trusted by clients worldwide, including multinational corporations such as the Harvard Business Review. By choosing ITC for your Marshallese translation needs, you’re opting for accuracy, cultural sensitivity, and unparalleled customer service.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some FAQs About Marshallese and our related language services.

Q: What is the origin of the Marshallese language?
A: The Marshallese language is a member of the Malayo-Polynesian sub-group of the Austronesian family of languages. Its origins can be traced back to the migration of people from Southeast Asia around 2000 BC.

Q: How many people speak Marshallese worldwide?
A: Approximately 44,000 people speak Marshallese worldwide. While it’s primarily spoken in the Marshall Islands, there are also significant Marshallese-speaking communities in the United States, particularly in Arkansas and Hawaii.

Q: What’s the writing system of Marshallese?
A: Marshallese uses a Latin-based alphabet. However, certain letters in the English alphabet are not present in the Marshallese language, and there are some unique characters as well.

The Marshallese language has a unique alphabet with 24 letters. It’s based on the Latin alphabet, but there are some special characters and sounds. Here are all the letters in the Marshallese alphabet:

Here are some example words in Marshallese and their English translations:

  • “Yokwe” – Hello
  • “Kom̧m̧ool” – Thank you
  • “Aet” – Yes
  • “Jaab” – No
  • “Wōt” – And
  • “Āne” – Woman

Apostrophes are used to represent a glottal stop, a sound made by closing and then opening the throat. For example, in the word “l’ōļā”, which means “sun”, the apostrophe indicates a brief pause between the “l” and “ō” sounds.

The special character Ā/ā represents a long “a” sound. Similarly, Ī/ī, Ō/ō, and Ū/ū represent long “i”, “o”, and “u” sounds respectively.

The “Ņ” character represents a “ng” sound, as in “sing” in English. So, “Ņuknuk” would be pronounced “Nooknook”.

This unique alphabet contributes to the distinct sound of the Marshallese language, and it plays an essential role in maintaining the cultural identity of the Marshallese people.

Q: What are some unique aspects of Marshallese culture?
A: Marshallese culture is rich with traditions and customs. One notable tradition is the “kemem”, or first birthday celebration, which is a large feast and celebration. Additionally, Marshallese navigation and canoe-building are considered some of the best in the world.

Q: What is the significance of tattooing in Marshallese culture?
A: In traditional Marshallese culture, tattooing was a significant ritual that marked passage into adulthood. While the tradition declined due to western influences, there has been a recent revival of interest in these traditional tattoos.

Q: What is the Marshallese diet like?  
A: The Marshallese diet consists largely of fish, coconut, breadfruit, and taro. Western-style food has also been incorporated, but there are efforts to return to traditional dietary habits to combat health issues.

Q: What is the education system like in the Marshall Islands?  
A: Education is mandatory for children from ages 6 to 14. The education system follows a similar model to the U.S, with elementary, middle, and high schools. The University of the South Pacific has a campus in the capital, Majuro, for higher education.

Q: What industries do you provide translations for?  
A: We provide translations for numerous industries including but not limited to healthcare, legal, business, education, technology, and the arts.

Q: How do you ensure the accuracy of translations?  
A: Our translations are performed by professional, native-speaking translators who are experts in their respective fields. Additionally, each translation undergoes a thorough quality assurance process to ensure accuracy and cultural appropriateness.

Q: Can you handle urgent translation requests?  
A: Yes, we understand that some projects require fast turnaround times, and we do our best to accommodate these requests. Please contact us directly to discuss your timeline needs.

Q: Are your translators’ native Marshallese speakers?  
A: Yes, we believe in delivering the most accurate translations, and a key part of that is utilizing native speakers who understand the cultural nuances and intricacies of the language.

Q: Can you handle large translation projects?  
A: Absolutely! We have the resources and capabilities to manage large translation projects while ensuring each one receives the attention to detail it deserves.

Q: Do you provide proofreading services for Marshallese texts?  
A: Yes, we provide proofreading services for Marshallese texts to ensure they are free from errors and appropriately convey the intended message.

Q: How do you maintain the confidentiality of my documents?  
A: We understand the importance of maintaining confidentiality. All our staff adhere to strict confidentiality agreements, and we take all necessary precautions to ensure your documents are handled securely.

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