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I Need to Learn More About Language Services, Translations, and Everything Else

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Language services are more than just translation.  They focus on taking an original source, capturing not only the language, but the intention and context of the source communication and conveying that in another language.  Whether it’s in written form, video or live, language services are the key to expanding reach to other countries or even cultures within your own country.

The documents in the “Select Document*” drop down menu at the bottom of this page are available to help you learn more about the services.

The following documents are also included in the drop down menu:

  • The Hierarchy of Language Service Quality
  • Critical Factors to Language Service Projects
  • Recommended Language Service Project Process
  • The Good, Better and Best of Language Services

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If you would like additional information or research on language services, we have a series of white papers that you can use at no charge. Use the form below and we will email you a PDF version of the white paper.

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