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I Do This All the Time, But I am Tired of Low Quality And A Lack of Professionalism In My Current Vendor

Continual improvement keeps us all sharp!  The following information will help you with your projects.

First of all, if you need to talk to someone, you know the drill.  You can call us at the number here or send us an email.  We will jump on your request and help you with any questions you have.

Otherwise, we have put some information together that will help you know how to get the most out of your language-related projects.

Purchasing language services can be difficult.  Many times, you’re not quite sure what you are purchasing.  Even if you speak multiple languages, it’s really a matter of trust.

  • Trust that your translation will be accurate and avoid embarrassing mistakes.
  • Trust that your language projects will be delivered on time.
  • Trust that costs will give you a strong value.
  • Trust that you can develop a partnership with a company that will always be there for you.

WE GET IT!  Language projects can be painful and embarrassing when working with a company you cannot trust.

Sadly, there are many companies that just don’t get it.  Their goal is speed, not quality.  Some even make crazy delivery commitments without knowing what they are being asked to do.  Some charge a premium and still deliver a low quality project. We know this because much of our management team have been in your shoes.

We have purchased language services.  We know what it’s like to get a project from a language service provider and find that it’s simply not usable.  We would ask the same question one of our clients asked us, “Why is it that the projects we  received from other language companies are just always wrong?”

“I have been getting things translated for the past 20 years and until we were referred to ITC from one of your other clients, our projects were just always wrong.  If we sent them 4 bullet points, ITC’s competitors would give us three back.  If we asked for 50 pages to be translated, there would be missing translations.  Then, when we get the project and send it to our people in-country, they would tell us it was terrible and couldn’t be used.  They would always have to spend a lot of time fixing the translations.”

“What’s crazy is that we were paying more than ITC charges for a far inferior service, yet we had to be in charge of their quality assurance.  Paying more for something that’s incorrect or late or too expensive is very frustrating.”

“With ITC, we know what we are buying!  High quality translations at reasonable rates.  The feedback from our in-country people is glowing about ITC’s projects.  It’s clear that ITC has a culture that embraces their clients.”

Our response to everyone who has had similar experiences?  We understand!  Here’s how we gain, build and keep your trust.

QUALITY: We certify our own linguists and hire only the best.  Quality is our the top priority.

Relationship with Quality and Costs: Yes there’s a correlation with quality and costs.

We all know that. It’s not new information.  However, many language services companies simply increase their rates to look like they have higher quality when they do not.  Quality processes are the way we keep our expenses low.  We invest heavily in our processes, systems and people.  We save money not reworking projects that should have been done correctly the first time.

Our referral rates from existing clients is our largest source of growth.  Our client retention is absolutely stellar.  Our goal isn’t to get this project today.  Our goal is to win your business for the rest of YOUR career.  We can only do that by never letting you down.  With higher retention and referrals, we can allocate more money to our quality while competitors have to allocate everything they can to marketing and finding new customers to replace those who have left.

Our value proposition, simple.

Offer a top tier quality at a middle tier price!

Our strategy is just as simple.

  1. Treat the projects like they are our own!
  2. Never betray the trust of our clients by cutting corners!
  3. Save our clients time, money and grief by doing the job they have hired us to do!

If you need to do more research for your project, we have a series of white papers that you can use at no charge.  Use the form below and we will email you a PDF version of the white paper.

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