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We Do A Lot of Language Related Services, But I Think I Might Be Paying Too Much

There is a balance between cost and quality. We can help you!

ITC has been in this industry since 1969! Over the years, we have seen some interesting things. One thing that’s still perplexing in our industry is the seemingly lack of correlation between price and quality compared to other industries.

In any given opportunity, we could find our pricing twice as much as the competition or half as much as the competition. When the opportunity presents it’s self, we can evaluate the quality of the translations and the quoted pricing. We find it very interesting that some very expensive providers offer very low quality translation. These translations will have missing text, grammatical errors, and other issues related to poor quality assurance processes.

On the other hand, we have seen a consistency in very low cost translations. They are typically very poor translations completed by inexperienced or unqualified people.

Our approach is simple. We provide a top tier translation at middle tier pricing. How? Our processes are geared for quality, efficiency and scalability. We process significant volumes of language projects which allows us to have lower costs. We also invest significantly in our processes and people. We share these efficiencies and savings with our clients.

Please contact us for a quote! Test our translations! You will be impressed with the results and the professionalism of our teams!

If you would like additional information or research on language services, we have a series of white papers that you can use at no charge. Use the form below and we will email you a PDF version of the white paper.

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